As we roll into spring, Downeast Home is embracing all things natural, wild, and free. While we’d all love to be taking in the sights or spending all our time at the beach, there are times we just have to be at home. Luckily, several Downeast Home pieces embody that theme, bringing the outside in.  

 Natural wood and natural fabrics are prevalent in many Downeast products, whether they comprise the full design or are featured in part of it. Check out a few of our pieces below.  

 Teak is a dense, close-grained hardwood that has proven to be strong and durable. Teak wood is naturally golden in color with a smooth grain and texture. While it may come at a higher price point than other woods, it is meant to last.

Delmar Sideboard

This piece will certainly make a statement in your home, with its unique angled edges and platform base. The beautiful, washed walnut finish accentuates the natural beauty of the piece while giving it a vintage feel and a neutral color to fit in with your décor. 



Carter Chair 

Our teak love continues with this modern chair. A twist on the classic Windsor design, this teak chair has a curved line of spindles on the back, mirroring the legs. The subtle curve of the seat creates a roomy and comfortable chair. 

 Walnut is another hardwood known for its strength, gorgeous grain, and color. Walnut wood can range from deep chocolate brown to yellow, depending on which portion of the tree is used. Walnut furniture is durable and resistant to wear and tear.  



 Medina Bookcase

A mid-century modern take on a traditional bookshelf, this case features two drawers and four shelves of varied sizes. The desaturated color and rounded edges soften the look a bit, making it a beautiful addition to any space.  

 Oak is a staple of the lumber industry—it’s everywhere. Another strong and durable wood, oak furniture is built to last. European oak grows slower than other types, creating a tighter grain and even more stable structure.  



Stockholm Dining Table 

This table is a timeless piece that will offer a substantial dimension in your dining room but can be a transitional piece to match any décor style. With a minimalistic look, it is simple and understated enough to fit into any space, while adding gorgeous functionality. 



 Helene Sofa 

The white oak base of this sofa adds a modern touch, while the sofa itself is soft, durable, and beautiful. The original Helene comes in a lovely performance velvet option, but also takes us into our natural fabrics with a leather upholstery choice. The rounded back and shelter design create a dramatic piece that is both enveloping and calming.  

 Ahhh, leather. The only 100% natural finish in the Downeast lineup, our leather furniture pieces are designed to elevate any space. Each of our leather sofas creates a high-quality, comfortable, durable, and beautiful seating option.  



Acadia Leather Sofa 

An excellent starter leather sofa, this piece is bound to make a bold statement in your home. Find clean lines and incredible comfort in this Italian full-grain leather sofa. Add in a solid hardwood base, and you’ll have a sofa with a perfect combination of minimalistic and warm. Be sure and check out our other leather sofa, loveseat, and sectional options as well.  

 If you’re looking to add some natural touches to your home and life, head to Downeast Home this spring.  

June 08, 2022 — Kiora Salisbury
Tags: Design