Creating a gallery wall is a fun and functional way to showcase art and photography in your home. But where do you start? Let us help inspire you with some great ideas for creating a beautiful gallery full of the things you enjoy.




The first step to creating your gallery wall is choosing a wall. From living rooms to staircases to workspaces, the size, color, and shape of your wall is going to create a base for your pieces. A smaller space will take less to fill and require smaller images, while a larger space can accommodate bigger pieces. One rule of thumb is that a gallery wall should include at least three pieces, so keep that in mind. 




While there are a few different gallery styles to choose from, the two most popular are eclectic and uniform. An eclectic style grouping is what most people think of when they think of a gallery wall. Also called a classic gallery wall, this configuration can show different sizes, shapes, and finishes of frames. It is a great way to display many styles of prints and provide an opportunity to grow your gallery over time. 



A uniform configuration, also known as a grid-style gallery wall, is a great option when you have frames of the same size and color. It is an organized and precise arrangement that will align symmetrically on your wall. 



Now that you have an idea of which wall you’re going to use and the style you’re going for, it’s time to pick the pieces you want to hang on your wall. The easiest way to start? Pick one of your favorite pieces to anchor the space as the main focal point. Your largest piece of art usually works best for this. It can be hung in the center of your gallery or a bit to the side to let the eyes wander. 


If you’re going with a uniform style, pick pieces of the same size and carefully measure how they’re going to fit uniformly in your dedicated space.




While you want your gallery wall to feel uniquely you, you still want it to feel cohesive. One way to do this is to embrace a color palette for your gallery. If the wall you’ve chosen has a color to it, you can start there, picking complementary colors and prints that will vibe in your space. Or use a color for another item in the same room that you love, like a rug. Choose it as the main color to weave throughout your gallery wall. If you want your gallery wall to last through years of décor changes, then choose a neutral color palette. Or simply build your palette around your favorite gallery piece.




While one size of artwork might work best for a uniform gallery wall, you’ll want to add more interest if you’re going for an eclectic gallery. Add texture and depth to your gallery wall with different shaped pieces or add other hangable items like pictures, mirrors, or macramé. After you decide which items you want to hang, but before you actually hang them, make sure you have a little variety. A gallery wall with images all in the same frame works great to just blend into the background of a room or tame more eclectic choices, but a good general rule for most gallery walls is to use at least three different frame options to keep it visually interesting. 



6. Plan & hang

You’re almost ready to hang your gallery wall! But first, lay out your configuration. Choose your pieces and lay them on the floor or a large table to see what your gallery will look like. Once, you’ve chosen where you want each piece to go, measure your configuration and mark where you want them on your wall. A few tips that can help: 


  • Center your gallery at eye level
  • Use a level to help makes sure your frames are straight
  • Start by hanging the largest or middle piece first, then place others around it
  • Keep the spacing between frames a few inches apart


While creating your own gallery wall may be daunting, remember, the most important thing is to make it your own. There’s always room to switch things out or move them around, so don’t get caught up in the details. Remember, this galley is a representation of your style, so in the end, it’s what you make of it. Have fun!

June 08, 2022 — Kiora Salisbury