The new year is upon us and there’s no better way to start it than with a home refresh. While it may be easy enough to swap in new décor or throw pillows, have you thought about updating your sofa or sectional? Our new performance leather upholstery may be just the reason to upgrade.




What is Performance Leather?  

Downeast Home’s performance leather takes gorgeous European cowhide leather and joins it with a high-quality thin Italian microfiber fabric. By combining these two, we’ve found a fabric that creates the look and feel of suede, but with much less maintenance. The result is easy to clean furniture that is resistant to wear, dirt, water, and even fire. 


Additionally, the tanning of the leather joined with the fortitude of the microfiber makes the performance leather both soft and resistant. The leather crusts coupled with dyed fabric create an eco-friendly and harmless product. The production process is sustainable as well, as it minimizes the amount of water needed in the creation of both pieces, then uses a non-solvent laminating line and creating zero emissions as it works through the production cycle. 



What Makes Performance Leather Great? 

Performance leather is what upholstery dreams are made of. Fabric? Check. Leather? Check. This dreamy combo gives your living space the best of both worlds. By combining the two, you’ll get a piece of furniture with everything you’re looking for. Performance leather is comfortable, but durable. It’s easy to clean and colorfast, while the surface will not pill like other fabrics. With its soft hand, you’ll want to curl up and spend the rest of the winter on your sofa. If you’ve got kids or pets running around your home, you’re bound to have spills and messes—it’s just a given. With its water and stain-resistant qualities, performance leather is the perfect pet-friendly and family-friendly furniture.  




How Do You Take Care of Performance Leather? 

The beautiful thing about this performance upholstery is how resistant it is to wear and stains. However, things are still bound to happen, and another benefit of the performance leather is that it makes for easy to clean furniture. Our favorite way to treat it is, surprisingly, with Windex! Spray the sofa, then wipe down with a warm, damp cloth. For significant stains, mix two tablespoons of ammonia in one quart of warm water. Delicately blot the stain with a wet cloth, then dab the spot with a dry cloth to absorb any extra moisture.  




Bring it Home 

Are you ready to make performance leather a focal point of your living space? With a performance leather piece of furniture, you are going to add a beautiful and resilient touch to your home. It really does check all the -able boxes, as it is a sustainable, durable, and comfortable product. Downeast Home is proud to offer the Warren Sofa, with more performance leather pieces to come.  

June 08, 2022 — Kiora Salisbury