Performance upholstery is easy to clean and holds up to life’s wear and tear. It’s an absolute must in any busy household—especially for families, homes with pets, or individuals who love to entertain.  





Cleaning a spill can be as simple as blotting with a damp towel. Tougher stains may need a basic upholstery cleaner or in the case of our performance leather, a spray of Windex. Check out the care instructions within each of our Downeast product listings to learn more. 





When it comes to durability, each fabric is independently tested and the score is ranked by “double rubs”. For every 3,000 double rubs, that piece of upholstery will last for approximately one year without showing signs of wear and tear. Here’s a quick chart to help you know within what ranges you should be shopping. 



10k-14k        |    3.5 – 4.5  

15k-29k        |    5 - 9 

30k-49k        |    10 - 16 

50k-99k        |    17 - 33 

100k+        |    33+ 


At Downeast, our performance weave typically starts around 30,000 double rubs. We don’t mess with anything less than that because we only deliver high-quality products.  



If you’re looking for the higher-ranking upholstery, check out our performance velvet options. These rank pretty consistently in the 100,000+ double rub score range. Plus they come in a wide variety of colors and look amazing in your space. 




Our performance leather has a lower double-rub score due to the pigmentation process, but in terms of its ability to withstand rough treatment, it is far more durable than most fabric options.  



Excited to explore our performance upholstery? Stop by a Downeast Home store to touch, feel, and experience the quality for yourself. 

June 08, 2022 — Kiora Salisbury
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