It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Let us help you add the finishing touches to make your home holiday ready. From decking the halls with holly to sugar-plum scented candles, we’ve got four ways to make your home embody the spirit of the season.






Candles are classic come Christmas time. Whether you enjoy the scents of the season, long tapers set at various heights, or mixed metal tealights on a tray, you’ll definitely want to add candles to your Christmas décor. Besides looking and smelling good, candles give off the perfect amount of soft light to create a cozy ambiance in any room.






Let it throw! Try layering a throw across a chair or the arm of your sofa to give your space an inviting tone. Don’t stop there. Add another to your bedroom to keep you and your sweetie extra warm at night. When it comes to winter throws, the more the better. Try to find a throw that matches your style. This season, we’re obsessed with white chunky knits and neutral faux furs. Pro tip: Our favorite place to throw a throw? Our extraordinarily comfortable Feather Luxe Modular Sectional.






There’s nothing more quintessential to the holidays than bringing home a tree. But adding winter greenery to your space doesn’t have to end there. From wreaths to garland to centerpieces, there are a ton of ways to add an organic touch to your décor. And they don’t have to be green either! Cut wood, branches, apples, poinsettias, and berries all carry that special holiday charm.






From the twinkle twinkle of a star to the bright red glow of Rudolph’s nose, sparkle and shine definitely add to that warm holiday feeling. Add touches of silver, gold, and colored metallics wherever things look a little flat. Ornaments, mirrors, beads, bells, and votives are easy ways to incorporate a bit more shine into your home. Pro tip: Try mixing your metallics for an elevated look.



What are some decorative details you use to make your home merry? Do you like to go for a classic look, or do you change it up year after year? Follow us @downeasthome to share your holiday looks.


June 08, 2022 — Kiora Salisbury