Downeast Trade Membership is granted to interior designers & design firms, architects, owners & developers, set designer & stagers, and other qualifying applicants in the commercial industry. Membership is subject to these terms and conditions which are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of Downeast.

To qualify for Trade Membership at Downeast, you must provide the following documentation applicable to your profession, along with your completed application:

  • Website
  • Business License
  • Articles of Organization (LLC)
  • Articles of Incorporation (INC)
  • Profession Degree/ Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Authority/Reseller’s License

A resale certificate is not mandatory but can be submitted as a qualifying document. Downeast reserves the right to make all membership determinations at our sole discretion. Each professional must apply for membership by submitting their individual qualifications. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

To make a tax-exempt purchase in a state(s) in which you maintain tax-exempt status, please provide a completed copy of your state(s) Resale Certificate. 

Note: Sales tax is collected based on the ship-to address, so the state Resale Certificate needed is based on the shipping destination for each order.