About Downeast

Founded in 1991, Downeast began as a women’s apparel company based in Utah serving young university students looking for style and expression. Over the following years, our company grew up alongside our shoppers who were graduating, starting careers, and creating homes. In 2003, we expanded to include furniture and home décor in more than 35 stores across the Intermountain West. Today, Downeast offers fresh, inspiring pieces that reflect our customers’ aesthetic, lifestyle, and ideals.

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Downeast believes your home is a reflection of you. And each sofa, bookshelf, and throw pillow hints at where you've been and where you're going. But we believe that ultimately, three ideals guide you when creating a home that truly feels like you.

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No. 1: Evolution

Your natural desire for evolution is what drives you to learn something new every day. Show what you’ve studied. Our knowledgeable Downeast retail team is ready to assist you in designing your space to reflect your interests and passions.

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No. 2: Balance

Your need for balance is what makes you slow down, step back, and look again. That’s why we purposefully style our stores with inspiring vignettes to help you envision your possibilities in a range of styles from modern to rustic and beyond.

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No. 3: Connection

Your craving for connection is what moves you to invite loved ones into your nest. Our community space (at our flagship location) offers classes and inspiration to help you artfully prepare for your next soiree. And our social media accounts offer real-world tips on styling and design.

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Certified B-Corp

Downeast is a Certified B Corporation®

You’re driven by the need to do something good for the world—and we are, too. As a Certified B Corporation® we balance planet, people, and profit to put the good back into business. It’s about balancing the three to create a positive impact and a better community. For us this is only the beginning of how we’re striving to make an impact.