Downeast Is a Certified B Corporation®

A Catalyst for Positive Change

Certified B Corporations®, or B Corps™, are internationally-certified businesses working to redefine what success looks like—spoiler alert: it's about so much more than just making money.

Instead, this community of businesses is driving a movement to create a balance between people, planet, and profit in a way that benefits everyone. Here's how Downeast is making a difference.

Our Commitment to People

We are working to improve benefits and policies that make a meaningful difference to our employees and communities.

  • Increased our entry-level base wage
  • Paid 80% of health care insurance premiums
  • Introduced employee wellness program
  • Paid holidays and time off for all full-time employees
  • Paid charity time off for community volunteer opportunities
  • Paid caregiver leave following birth or adoption
  • Strengthened policy supporting mothers in the workplace

We also recognized the Malouf Foundation as our official charitable partner. A portion of Downeast proceeds support their flagship cause. Together, we work to support survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation.

Our Commitment to Environment

Downeast is joining the bigger cause of helping to shift global culture away from the damaging, disposable consumer lifestyle of the past toward a responsible and sustainable way forward.

By July of 2021 our goal is to significantly pivot from fast fashion toward sustainable apparel. The result? An 80 percent increase in clothing and accessories with a purpose.

Downeast Home is currently transitioning toward sustainable fabrics on select upholstered furniture pieces. We are currently in the testing period of development but look forward to sharing our progress soon.

Additional Programs:

  • Underwent an eco-friendly renovation at headquarters featuring reused and recycled materials
  • Implemented employee incentive to live closer to our workplace and cut carbon emissions
  • Reallocating resources and decreasing utility usage for a more economical footprint
  • Working to minimize waste across distribution channels

Our Commitment to Better Business

Style and expression are at the heart of our homes and wardrobes. Our in-house furniture and apparel designs balance comfort, function, and aesthetic in a way that’s instantly aspirational—while supporting you as you live your best life.

Because each furniture item and apparel piece is designed and directed in-house, we control the quality level and can ensure durability standards meet the needs of our customers’ fast-paced, purposeful lives.

Elevating our furniture and apparel quality while revolutionizing our in-store and online shopping experience is something we are investing in as a brand—plus, it’s just plain good for business. Each choice we make as a business is guided by our core values.

Core Values


We support you in designing a life of your choosing that reflects your true self.

Inclusion, Equity, Diversity

We champion fairness, respect, and equal access to opportunities.


We are committed to creating a sustainable and ethical product and retail experience.


We seek to listen, learn, and understand what matters most to you.


Our in-house experts focus on your needs through innovative, authentic design.

Joining the B Corp™ Community