Downeast Home Design Trade Program

Product Discounts From One Pro to Another

Your clients love your work—and we do, too. Thanks for choosing Downeast Home as your go-to furniture and décor solution. Let us help you exceed your clients’ expectations with beautifully—and thoughtfully—crafted pieces that know how to make a statement.

  • 20% Off Purchases both Online and In-Store*
  • No Minimum Quantities
    *Cannot be combined with other discounts.

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Business For a Cause

When you support Downeast Home, you support our flagship cause to fight child sex trafficking. Together, we can support survivors in finding the healing and hope they deserve.

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Making Sustainable Shifts

We are working to incorporate sustainable fabrics and materials that help us begin making a difference for our planet and ultimately help to shift global culture toward a sustainable and responsible future.

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Aspirational In-House Designs

Our in-house team balances comfort, function, and aesthetic in a way that’s instantly aspirational while still being approachable. The goal? Meeting the needs of our customers’ fast-paced, purposeful lives.

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Inactive members that haven't purchased in the last 365 days will be removed with the opportunity to re-apply at a later date. Applications are reviewed for business legitimacy.