With the importance of self-care more evident than ever, you might be looking for small ways to slow down, breathe, and reflect. One great way to release stress is reading. Besides making us smarter, reading has been shown to relax us, strengthen our brains, and help us sleep better.


Creating a reading nook is like creating your own personal self-care retreat. It is a comfortable, quiet place to curl up and immerse yourself in another world. Whether it’s for catching up on magazines, diving into a memoir, or enjoying a morning crossword, your reading nook should be a peaceful place that mirrors your personality.


 Making your own reading nook shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. Think about what your ideal reading retreat would look like and start from there.



1. Dedicate a space

Where in your home can you find the most peace and quiet? That’s usually going to be the same space you’ll want your reading nook. This can be a corner in a bedroom, an unused closet, or in true Harry Potter fashion, a cupboard under the stairs. 



2. Find a Seat

Finding the right seating for your nook is essential. You’ll want something soft you can curl up and sink into. From overstuffed armchairs to piles of pillows, there are endless options for how you can sit in your space. Also, consider adding an ottoman for kicking your feet up. 

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3. Lighten Things Up

Ideally, the place you choose for your reading nook will be awash with natural light, but even then, you’ll need some sort of reading lamp for when the sun goes down. Try a lamp with an adjustable arm so you can rotate it to give you the perfect amount of light no matter the time of day.

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4. Add storage 

Your book nook is obviously going to need space for your books. A classic choice is a tall bookcase. This way you can have you books at hand along with any other accessories that inspire your imagination. Try experimenting with stone bookends or vintage office décor. 

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5. Make it Cozy

With all the essentials in place, it’s time to make your nook cozy. Start with a rug to keep your feet nice and warm. Then move on to snuggly pillows and throws. If your definition of cozy means you keep a cup of coffee or candles nearby, add a small side table for all your favorite things.

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6. Get in there

Once you’ve personalized your nook with books, pillows, candles, and light, it’s time to set aside some time to get in there and start reading. Whether you’re plowing through Vonnegut or flipping through Vogue, use this space for relaxation, reflection, and much needed you-time.

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June 08, 2022 — Kiora Salisbury