Since early 2020, we’ve seen people working from home in record numbers. What started as a precautionary response to COVID-19 has now turned into the new normal for millions of Americans. Thanks to video chat, flexible scheduling, and the gig economy, it’s now easier than ever to create an at-home office to get your work done.


But have you? Most people were thrown into working from home without time to set up a functional and comfortable space to get their work done (we see you bed workers). But as time has elapsed and people are working from home permanently, it’s become more important than ever to create a space that truly gives you a work-life balance.


Setting Up a Home Office


Successful remote workers have a set up that includes:

  •  A dedicated space
  • Clear boundaries
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Minimal distractions


If your home has a designated office, you’re already off to a good start. If not, there are a few different ways you can create a home workspace. The most obvious way is converting a spare bedroom into an office. This can be done fairly inexpensively and in a short time frame. While changing a large closet into a workspace may seem like a good idea, the lack of natural light and fresh air may make you feel a bit claustrophobic. Plus, you’re not going to have the best lighting for video chats.





If  you don’t have a room to designate as an office, a good idea is carving out a space in a large room for a workspace. First, start with a space that feels open. This can be near a window or a strategically placed mirror. Next, try adding personal touches to your workspace. Small details like plants or pictures can help your brain mimic the feeling of working at a desk in the office.



Picking the Right Desk 


Speaking of desks, you’re going to want one that is conducive to the type of work you do. As easy as it is to plop your laptop down on the couch or the kitchen table, these types of environments make it hard to stay focused. A functional desk that can double as a room divider is your best option. Downeast Home has several desks in our Work.Life.Balance Collection that do just that.


The Setten Desk is a classic oval desk with a modern, industrial look. Its large walnut top makes it ideal for people who need a lot of room to work. Plus, its size makes it excellent to use as a room divider, just make sure to face toward your space and not the wall.





The Montel Desk is smaller but just as functional. With three drawers and smooth curved legs, it works best for a minimalist who still appreciates the piece’s natural beauty. Go for the Montel if you’re looking for a desk that fits into your space instead of dividing it.





The Bolmen Desk is the best of both configurations. It’s beautiful, sculptural, and industrial. Plus, this desk’s large front means it can be used as a room divider while its smaller size still allows it to fit comfortably into most rooms.





Making Yourself at Home

Creating the perfect work from home space can be tricky if you don’t have a home office, but with the right details—and Downeast furnishings—you can definitely make a personalized space that gets the job done.  


June 08, 2022 — Kiora Salisbury