3 Steps to Enhance Your Functional and Stylish Entryway for an Intentional First Impression

We get it. Life is busy and hectic and fast-paced. And we all know how the entryway can become the catch-all for shoes, coats, backpacks, and more. If you’re ready to calm the chaos, we have three simple steps to help you create a more intentional space that gives your guests a beautiful first impression of your home.


Step 1: Storage, Storage, Storage

Photo by @our_family_farmhouse

This is where function and beauty come together. Consider the items that need to be stored: shoes, bags, papers, keys, etc. Start with an anchor piece that includes drawers where you can quickly and easily tuck away the things that start to pile up. Then add multipurpose decorative items that help with the smaller items. A bowl for keys. A basket for shoes. Hooks for bags.


Step 2: Take a Seat

Photo by @emilyboxinteriors

If you’ve struggled with ways to kindly remind guests to remove their shoes before entering your home, the secret may be in seating. By placing a comfortable chair or bench in your entryway, people will feel like they can take a moment to set aside shoes and outerwear. Designing a comfortable and functional space will set the tone for the rest of your home.


Step 3: Fill in the Blank

Photo by @willowhomedesigns

Once you have an anchor piece for storage and a seat for removing shoes, you get to focus on the fun stuff. The functional needs of your space have been met, now you can fully embrace the beautiful. Add a mirror to brighten the walls, lay down a rug to add some color and texture, and place some decorative pillows to make your space feel cozy.


Ultimately, your space should be a balance of function and style. The entryway is a great space to explore and practice blending those two needs. Good luck and be sure to check out downeasthome.com for furniture and décor inspiration.

June 08, 2022 — Kiora Salisbury
Tags: Design