New year, new room? If you’re looking to update your interior décor this year, Downeast Home is the place to start. And the best part? You don’t have to do a floor to ceiling reno to get on-trend. By mixing and matching pieces that embrace the most current trends with your existing furniture, you can update any room in your home without calling a contractor.


Trend 1: Wicker, Rattan, and Weave

The rattan trend that started last year shows no sign of stopping. And it’s not just rattan. Furniture and accessories with woven elements such as wicker, rope, and jute have all been flying off the shelves. What’s pushing this natural trend? Some of it is due to nostalgia. Peaking in popularity in the ‘60s and ‘70s, rattan furniture still holds that laid-back vibe of a simpler time. Plus, it adds texture and depth that many open-concept homes and studio apartments could use nowadays.


To try the trend, start with a piece or two and work up from there. We’re loving rope-wrapped Ollie Lamp and Bridger Console Table together. And the rattan Andre Bench that is a beautiful way to add extra seating. Add accent pieces like baskets, throws, and poufs to complete the natural look.


Trend 2: Curved Furniture

Curved furniture is another trend that has found true staying power. As more and more people found themselves staying home last year, the demand for soft, “safe” spaces began to grow. Think body-hugging pieces like deep, winding sofas and soft, plush silhouettes.

The sculptural aspect of this trend also makes it more artful and fun than the minimalism that was trending before it. The shapely lines, arches, and cushiness of curvy furniture lend to bigger, bolder designs that feel fresh and organic.


This rise in comfortable design has shown itself in many Downeast Home furniture, from our rounded-back Helene Sofa to the plush Astrid Chair. And designs like our Magen Coffee Table, Helm Console, and Finlay Side Table look like pieces of art in your home.


Trend 3: Mixing Materials

As people reflect on how they’ve been living through the pandemic, many have found themselves looking to create unique, timeless spaces instead of buying cookie-cutter sets off a salesfloor. Creating a one-of-a-kind space that reflects individuality and warmth has led to an increase in mixing materials in interior design. 


This trend finds materials like wood, metal, and stone at home in one setting. Layering can also be incorporated into a room through upholstered elements like leather or velvet. To achieve this dynamic feel, start with comfortable furniture you love, like our best-selling Rorik Leather Sofa and the Denis Chair in velvet and wood. Then add complementary accents like the Golbez Side Table in Antique Copper and Carson Coffee Table in wood veneer. Throw in an unexpected touch with an oversized pillow and you’ve got this trend down.


Trends come and go, but true style lasts forever. Once you find a style that is truly you, it’s easy to add accessories and décor that can change with the seasons. That’s why we create quality furniture that is built to last. When you start with timeless, sustainable pieces from Downeast Home, updating your look through the seasons is always a breeze.

September 01, 2022 — Kiora Salisbury